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Do you Find Yourself

  • Feeling Out of Place

  • Wondering what's wrong with you since you are doing the same things that other 'successful' women are doing

  • Depressed since you can't figure out how to realize your dreams

You CAN Finally Reach Your Dreams

By Showing the World who you Truly Are

For You are Meant to SHINE!

No More

Think About It

  • Being On Fire

  • What you want just shows up

  • Excited and Energized

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Hi, I'm Nancy Rose

I created this course out of my own struggles, trying to fit into the corporate world as a manager. It worked for others, it was the only way to move up, and yet I never wanted to go in this direction.

I searched for many years, and finally got all the pieces that allowed me to FINALLY be what I was meant to be and let go of what did not work for me.

Out of my own path, I created this course. The reactions from woman just like me knows I'm on the right path.

I've cried with women, jumped for joy with them.

I believe EVERY woman deserves to be themselves and do what they are meant to do.

I put togeether this program to incorporate a holistic program, that aligns you in body, mind & spirit using metaphysical principles.

I earned an associate degree in metaphysics, which includes the study of the application of universal laws.

I'm a certified Diamond Light Priestess,

Certified energy healer

Certified LightWorker

Certified Soul Coach

Spiritual Minister.

All these studies and experiences have provided me the ability to help you transform into the beautiful soul that you are.

What Others Have to Say

I now have something real to embrace

they both talk about possibilities and seeing things a new way, these are two things I am known for but never thought of either as an archetype so now I feel like I may have something real to embrace and grow my business from.

Gail M

Everything here is absolutely my character

I'm identified as a ruler. I do create structure so others can prosper. This has happened several times. All of the other attributes are exactly true to me.

Everything here is absolutely my character.

Jill H

Missing Much of My Life

After taking this assessment, I realized I'm missing much of my life. I'm afraid of embodying my archetypes

Amira A


Resonates with my inner consciousness and now working on accepting I'm awesome

Toyin A

Who I truly am

Need to get the lead out of my butt and accept who I truly am

Jan R


I love who I truly am and working on establishing the respect that comes with being myself

Alex N


I resonate with who I am and now understand the challenges I need to overcome

Stacy W

This is for you if ...

  • Want to feel energized in who you are and what you do

  • You have had the nagging suspicion that there must be another way

  • You're tired of feeling like you'll never feel truly be yourself

This is NOT for you if ...

  • You love having the same current experiences

  • You don't care about feeling energized and being yourself

  • Wasting time and energy is ok with you

Final Words

I believe that every woman owes it

to herself, those she interacts with, and the Universe

to show up doing exactly what she was meant to do

working from her Soul strengths

The Universe is waiting

What are you waiting for?

You are meant to Shine

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so you can move forward

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